1.  What if I am in between sizes?

Size down.  The support band fits generously and is built with a 4 way stretch fabric which is accommodating to your new bumpalicious figure.

2.  How should it fit?

The support band should give your bump a comfortable hug but not be tight or uncomfortable.  It should wrap your tummy enough to make you feel more "on" than "off" and more "zipped up" than "unzipped".

3.  Can I wear it postpartum?

Yes!  Please do!!  We are putting the CORE back in COREset.  The belly sport bra will give you coverage and cuing to your abs as you heal and restore your body from pregnancy.  You should not wear products that squeeze or squish your abdomen postpartum as they can put harmful forces on the body and pelvic floor.  Lots of Bao Bei Maternity customers find that their Belly Sport Bra provides the perfect amount of support and some even purchase the next size down as their body changes postpartum.

4.  Will this garment stretch out?

Nope!  This garment is like magic.  It is a custom, high end athletic fabric that will absolutely retain it's shape.  It also resist any piling or fading.

5.  Can I sleep in the Belly Sport Bra?

This garment was made for your movement based life.  During sleep, it is more important to focus on proper positioning.  If you are uncomfortable, seek out the support of a Physiotherapist to give you some guidance on how to get comfortable during rest.